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Episode 33: Sometimes the energy of past emotional trauma combined with ineffective communication leads to rage. Listen to Daniel Williams, MD’s response to a listener comment about the combination of PTSD, ADHD, dyslexia and rage in traumatized teens.

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If one dimension is wounded, turn to one of the other three.

If your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health are all out of balance (like mine where when I was a teenager), this episode may apply to you. This podcast is presented as if there is a problem in the Mental and Emotional Components. The recommended solution here is any one of hundreds of physical, body-based approached to PTSD that can help with body relaxation, parasympathetic shunting, self-acceptance and, hopefully, bad energy release.

Brene Brown’s parent resources were also mentioned in the podcast, but appears to be taken off of her website as of 11/3/2021.

If you are the parent of a teenager with PTSD, there are no doubt other issues from regular life happening so this can be a different lens for you.

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Teenagers represent a reflection of their parents, grandparents, their absence, love and trauma. The combination of PTSD and ADHD certainly makes things more interesting.

Join our Teachable Circle Community mentioned in the podcast.

By Doctor Dan

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