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PTSD Academy has high quality, hospital-level video courses that I personally taught at multiple institutions. I love seeing survivor shame melt away and counselor’s confidence soar! Feel like your old self when your physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and sexual life after PTSD is healthy, safe and balanced. Realize your full potential when you release the past from your mind, body, and spirit.

Dr. Daniel Williams’, MD bio and concept video: PTSD Courses Online.

Trauma is a like a double-sided coin. On one side there is permanent damage to the spirit and psyche, but on the other side is a tremendous capability to heal and grow.

Daniel Williams, MD

The video courses are available on-demand:

  1. The Mental Component: Flagship curriculum for trauma survivors
  2. Sex Therapy for PTSD: For couples, where one or more partner has had sexual trauma and wants to experience full life again. Note: if your partner asked you to sign up, this is work! But it can be a lot of fun.
  3. Psychotherapy and Mainstream Treatment of PTSD: for professional counselors, psychiatrists, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners and caregivers that just want to know how doctors are supposed to treat PTSD.
  4. Pet Therapy for PTSD: For PTSD Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals. The emphasis is on a retired PTSD Service Animal I rescued who had himself been abused.
  5. Anxiety Reduction Course: For Panic Disorder associated with PTSD
  6. Reflexology Micro-Course: For couples or caregivers. You can do this course by yourself, but it’s foot reflexology so you’ll have to be able to massage and apply oils to your own foot. (I did it often in the Army at night.)

Decidedly Anti-Exposure Therapy

If your therapist wants to start off with exposure therapy, don’t walk – run!

Don’t repeatedly agitate trapped energetic wounds in your body memories with shame cycles. Learn to leave your old life behind. It’s time to do what you were meant to do.

Our Research Basis

90% of the benefit shown in PTSD from mainstream treatment comes from the psychotherapy. In the US, psychology is over-reliant on cognitive approaches and ignores the spirit or body-energy wound that is inevitably present. The cognitive-behavior and schema therapy are simple concepts to teach. Authentic leadership, openness, and humility from, say a doctor that treats PTSD every day and had it himself as a kid, can greatly improve audience receptivity. I’ll need your help to get this resource into the hands of disadvantage, refugee, incarcerated, homeless and the working wounded (like me).

The best way to help disadvantaged populations is to improve their capacity, opportunity and motivation to be successful. Each person has potential to be their full, beautiful selves – when humility is present.

Keep in mind that I was a white kid from Pasadena, TX (“Stink-a-dena”) and was systematically descriminated against but chose to add my 2 cents to the research pool to help the problem rather than complain. I want to teach you how to overcome too!

Daniel Williams, M.D.

PTSD Mentorship Online

Did you know online mentorship has been shown effective? It has, and I’ve done research in that in my past. Here a few reference for those that like to read everything from a source.

My Research Results: Mentorship and Support Can Lead ANYONE To Success: