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PTSD Academy Publications CENTRAL

Premedical Solutions, LLC is committed to the creation of relevant, meaningful content and enjoys leveraging the syndication of multimedia outlets such as audio podcasting, video vlogging, text blogging, physical book creation, and email newsletters. The key word is syndication. Here's how it works:

  1. A podcast listener, PTSD Academy member, or email newsletter subscriber asks a question.
  2. Each answer is judged on its relevance to the other members and consumers.
  3. If that question hasn't been addressed yet, it's prioritized in the que with other pieces we're working on.
  4. When the production cycle comes up, a well researched and organized answer is turned into a quality article for the blog, podcast, video vlog and newsletter as appropriate.

The benefit to you is that you can consume relevant, quality information about the PTSD recovery community where and how you want it.

The Mindset Play of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Virtual patient interviews, artificial intelligence and robotics are gaining an increasing presence in the discussions of the future of medical care. The 9-Line PTSD Test is an interactive, beta version AI proof of concept designed to assist the PTSD community in locating appropriate resources more efficiently.

PTSD Academy members have the option to complete optional profile data fields that will ultimately give the user the ability to query aggregate, de-identified data to ask important, relevant questions about their options for resources. When completed, a questions may be "how many people within 100 miles of my zip code started off as having "Limitations in Opportunity (due to living in a rural area), Underreactive Type"? As population demographics and access to rural health care resources change over time, higher level sociological studies could overlay projections to identify areas in the greatest need for resource allocation.

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