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Episode 48: The funny math associated with trying to get a VA PTSD increase from 50% to 70% service-connected disability.

Now, I don’t talk often about veterans issues on this channel so this is an opportunity for me to share what I learned, mostly from other veterans, about increases in service-connected disabilities issues.

I graduated Basic Combat Training in Fort Leonardwood, Missouri in April of 1993. I returned years later with intention of bringing military PTSD knowledge to the National Guard. After completing my education goals, I helped co-launched Project Healing Heroes, a 501c-3 nonprofit corporation. I’m no longer affiliated but it’s the best PTSD cognitive program for war veterans! We’ll have to ask Dr. Tharp on the show…

MAJ Daniel Williams, MD

Math for VA PTSAD increase from 50-70% SC:

  1. The very first claim, with all of it’s diagnoses together, is associated with your INITIAL RATING. In this example, let’s say you got a 50% service-connected VA rating.
  2. Let’s say, a few years later your tinnitis is worse, you’re having nightmares, you and your spouse are at odds, your pain is bad enough to make you try pills, and you refile and get a 50% claim for these added conditions.
  3. Well, you only get “50%” of the way from where you are (in this case INITIAL RATING = 50%), toward 100%. In this case half way from the 50% mark to the 100% mark = 75% rating.

As you can see, the more conditions added, the closer you get to 100%, but you’ll never get there.

The VA knows you can’t get to the 100% service connected rating if you don’t get it initially.

That is why you only have to inch your way up to the 90% mark, when done incrementally this way, and they’ll give you the full 100%.

Keeping your rating is a topic for another day…

By Doctor Dan

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