The Mental Component

Expand your potential for restoration! This course has PDF handouts that go with each video. It's presented in the order of Emotion (Regulating Emotion), Mental (Choosing Power), Spiritual (Living Faith), Physical (The Body Component). Feel free to go in any order that suits you!

Regulating Emotion

01 The Science of Emotion

01 SUPPLEMENT - Science of Emotion

02 Blind Rage

03 Calming Techniques

Choosing Power

01 Normal Reactions to Trauma

02 Talk Therapy

03 Guilt vs Shame

05 Moral Injury

Living Faith

01 The Index Trauma

02 Receiving Care

03 Coping vs Growing

04 Learning to Heal

05 Helping Others

The Body Component

01 Boosting Your Brain

02 Insomnia

03 Avoidance

04 The Fitness Mindset