Our Unique Approach

Marybernadette Williams is a nationally board-certified reflexologist, and a certified Emotion Code practitioner, trained by Bradley Nelson, DC. The scanning software we use provides feedback in practically all areas of life with Genius Biofeedback subscriptions available.

The invisible wounds of trauma can’t hide anymore! We combine coaching clients through our protocol of Genius Biofeedback (c) and Emotion Code with Reiki hand-off energy modalities. You can expect homework from this holistic discovery process which may be emotional, making amends, taking massive action in your life toward your goal, and essential oils placed on specific trigger points.

Add-On Appointment Types:

  1. Genius biofeedback
  2. Emotion Code
  3. Reiki
  4. Coaching (can be for these services, essential oils, self-sustaining plant-based nutrition, or reflexology training).

Call 903-941-6172 or schedule online for appointment.