Read "Real Pet Therapy: PTSD Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals" offline:

Episode 23: Learn about the Anxious Predator Response in the outline of a comprehensive online PTSD Pet Therapy course.

Pet Therapy for PTSD

Have you ever seen a PTSD Service Animal in public acting poorly? I have.

I’ve met the original dog involved with the legislation to help legalize PTSD Service Animals and, let me tell you, it was my humble privilege. I love dogs, but don’t let that throw you off.

PTSD Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals

Your therapy animal doesn’t have to be a dog, but in this PTSD Pet Therapy online course dogs will be used as our example. I use home video of my PTSD therapy dog who was abused by his previous owner. There is slow motion video so that we break down what the animal is communicating in real time.

You will learn the difference between emotional support and service animals. Hopefully, you’ll be encouraged to take your dog with you everywhere!

PTSD Pet Therapy Course Walkthrough Video:

By Doctor Dan

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