Child PTSD rates as high as Combat Veterans in this state
Read "PTSD in Alaskan Children is Equal to Combat Veterans" offline:

Episode 016: Twenty-30% of Native American children in Alaska have PTSD. This according to the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee. In November 2014, they issued Ending Violence so Children Can Thrive, a 258-page government-commissioned needs assessment. Read the full report here:

PTSD in Native American Children

When Welfare Funds Lawlessness

It is no surprise that where lawlessness prevails, so does trauma. Much of the problem in Alaska is geographic, with remote villages with populations of 300. They are funded by a welfare state so the alcohol and drugs flow plenty. Just watch an episode of Alaskan State Troopers to see what they’re up against.

National Sins Repeated

Sadly, all of the domestic violence laws and Violence Against Women act don’t apply to Alaska. Yes, the Union has done it again. One view is that the United States of America is still mistreating Native Americans. Another view is they have autonomy and police themselves on the reservations. The bottom line is that thugs and vandals are allowed to thrive – this results in elevated levels of PTSD in the Native American children of the wonderful state of Alaska.

Healing Ancestral Wounds

As previously discussed in this podcast, a moral/spiritual wound occurs in PTSD. Well, the Native Americans classically have a world view of spirituality and the afterlife that touches their daily lives. The traditional capitalist mindset has tried to forget the spirit exists, because that might mean there was intelligent design. This has resulted in people not looking to the intelligent body and to God, of your understanding, for the answers. The stubborn or ignorant refusal to deny the spiritual health of people ultimately hurts them.

My point here is only that the topic is way more complex if you bring the concept of epigenetics. Sins passed down from generation-to-generation comes in the form of measurable electromagnetic energy (often confused with classic emotion) and methylated DNA in the womb. The result is an individual that’s primed to fear and tune into the conscious awareness of negativity, which in turn leads to a bad experience in life.

We are dealt a hand of cards in life, only to realize later that we can turn them over and play the other side (like Uno Flip).

By Doctor Dan

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