PTSD and the Art of War
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Episode 010: “All warfare is based on deception”, said Sun Tsu in the Art of War. No, this episode isn’t about war or the military. But the traumas with the highest propensity to develop PTSD involve interpersonal violence. The more personal and close to you, the worse the PTSD chances. So, this episode is in acknowledgement to the fact that there are perpetrators and those that wished us harm during the traumas that we claim led to PTSD. What’s most important is that you don’t blame yourself for parts of the trauma, or its prevention or handling afterwards, that you couldn’t control.

Let Go of the Old Lies

When you look at Western deterioration of family values, the quality of the food and water supply, an expensive and unhealthy medical system, and plummeting education standards, you realize that your whole life you never really got taught the right things about practically everything – and you get a little miffed. I use that frustration to fuel my own research into the programs I teach on, but others are not so fortunate.

Love Your Enemies?

“Every time you point a finger at someone else, there are three pointing back at you.”

“Hurt people hurt people.”

I must admit that I have a weakness for ancient sayings and the new, but in my human frailty as a psychiatrist the words I repeat from others often feel empty – when not bathed in love. If my empathy is running short, it can be felt by others! Therefore, it is imperative that we all nurture ourselves and take care when we ought, so as to avoid the troubles that come with inauthentic counsel. In other words, YOU too have been the culprit, the perpetrator of trauma to others or you’d hardly be human at all. Even the nicest people have unintentionally crushed the spirit of a child with an ill word muttered under the breath. Some of us have simply grown uncomfortable with ignoring such family “values”. Heal and forgive yourself of your misdeeds and you’ll find it easier to overcome your own pain.

Mid-Life Crisis Redefined

I think this in an important factor during a mid-life crisis when you realize the plans you are currently making are probably wrought with flawed thinking too. Think about it. Half of life is already over and you don’t want to go on believing wrong information anymore – thank you YouTube and Google, right? So, if you’re like me and want to quit learning things the hard way then I invite you to look at it this way:

“The sooner you can accept the impossibility of getting access to the crucial pieces of accurate information you need to make the healthiest decisions you can for you and your loved ones. Even if you could, it is practically impossible to access or decipher the information if you could get it. It would take several PhD’s or a few really good podcasts to understand.” Anonymous.

Avoid Fear-Based Press and Ads

Yes, there is corruption at every level: congress, pharmaceutical companies, lobbyists, etc. – all fighting for what they want. So, you almost have to have an analytical degree of Master’s level or higher just to sort through the misinformation, particularly on the increasingly discredited internet. Remember, “all warfare is based on deception”. Don’t be a victim of that deception. Commit today to inform yourself. This can’t be done overnight but take a class, call in to a teleconference with me – one way or the other be responsible in your life with this information. So, I’m serious when I say the world needs more podcasts and thinkers! We need you too.

Mainstream Treatment of PTSD

Look at all the things we had to cover so that we could put medications and psychotherapy into their proper perspective. It took 10 episodes to get to the mainstream treatment of PTSD!

This episode concludes SECTION II called Actual Treatment for Moral Injury. The third and final section of The PTSD Blueprint is called PTSD Treatment: Healing the Physical Body after Trauma. The next episode is #11, titled Mainstream Treatment of PTSD. I hope you’ll listen to that one!

By Doctor Dan

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