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Episode 018: Live your life in ONE TAKE, just like I recorded these songs! Now that I’ve learned the truths that built this community, all of my guitar playing is live, unedited and unrehearsed. Just like life.

Create your own meaning by using your talents for a bigger purpose

I added purpose to my late night jam sessions by sharing them with you here. If my guitar playing helps put YOU to sleep, then I’ve added purpose. May this webpage be a living testament to the fact that YOU can create meaning in your life with everyday activities.

I play the guitar to express emotion and create positive vibes. I put this under the Emotional category primarily, but it also helps me reduce body tension (Physical).  My insomnia really started with the onset of the pandemic in 2019, culminating in my respiratory illness that didn’t end completely until February 2020.

The following songs are set to play on a loop. Now, give yourself permission to relax and turn the volume as low as necessary.


1. SleepyTones

I couldn’t sleep tonight, but I’m grateful the the first, and title track, was born out of excitement that I finally got the website project up and running, podcasting daily. Having so much fun!

2. SleepyTees

This song is dedicated to good Sleep T-Shirts, comfy bedding and a supportive mattress. Do what you can to optimize your sleeping conditions. Remember, taking care of yourself is selfless and a sign of good mental health!

3. An Angry Day

Anger is a healthy emotion and a good teacher. If only we would learn.

By Doctor Dan

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2 thoughts on “Music Therapy for PTSD”
  1. So glad it helps, and right away! I just posted that 3 days ago! Isn’t that cool? I used my hobby for a bigger purpose and it helped someone right away…you can do it to! I hope to catch you on a conference call, Dan

  2. I didn’t want it to end, so glad it looped!….. thank you, now I can go to sleep…….

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