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Episode 32: Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, Timothy Snyder is the book I can’t finish. Systematic starvation and killing revealed why it was so easy for Hitler to invade east pushing all the way to Moscow. The people were demoralized and so malnourished that they couldn’t fight if they wanted to. It was done on purpose. The truth didn’t come out for 50 years because that’s how long it takes to declassify war secrets. What the hell is happening right now that we’ll never know about? That brings us to our topic:

Moral Injury and PTSD

I’ve read some good books on the subject of moral injury, but no one really tells you what you’re supposed to do about it. Moral injury occurs when harm has been done intentionally, or your moral code of right and wrong was offended.

Listen to the podcast for lessons learned from a book I can’t finish. You’ll see why we built our online community the way we did: Prepare to Survive and Defend Whilst Living Healthy.

Modern Genocide

In what ways is history repeating itself now? Hmm. If only free speech were free. My opinions are shared within our community, otherwise they can too easily be taken out of context.

By Doctor Dan

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