The Multi-Dimensional Human Model heals Annihilation Threat Injury.
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Episode 006: Learn how to balance growth in the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional parts of ourselves. Going forward, each dimension will be pointed out during podcasts interviews and such. You will be able to search for future podcasts by the WordPress tags on Now let’s get started…

Annihilation Threat Injury

Annihilation Threat Injury occurs when people survive an existential threat. Not only was their body threatened with death, but death would mean their thought life would cease to exist as we know it. Spiritually, the afterlife will hold many surprises for mankind. That entire topic touches on Death Anxiety which take on a central theme in PTSD treatment. Death anxiety also happens to be associated with mid-life crises, which supports the timing of the Endocannabinoid Receptor Deficiency Syndrome that will come up in Episode 12.

Finally, death would have meant the cessation of any kind of emotional expression, at least any similar to what had been previously experienced. Taken together, the trauma threatened everything they experienced about all of life. The importance of this consuming feature cannot be over-stated. This is exactly the feeling of anxiety that never seems to want to leave. If death anxiety is its name, we cannot be afraid to talk about it and do what we can about it if we expect to live long and happily in this world.

The theory behind my construct of Annihilation Threat Injury is this: If all of the parts of what make us who we are were threatened with annihilation (physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional parts), then ought not all of them be nurtured, cared for, addressed, validated, recognized, appreciated and put on a path toward healing – separately?

The Multi-Dimensional Human Model

Quantum Psychiatry

PTSD care becomes “quantum” when it incorporates holistic structures, such as using intention, gratitude, essential oils, energy work, guided meditation, hypnosis or one of dozens of other examples. Energy lines, similar to the electromagnetic signals detected in an electrocardiogram (ECG) are transmitted without ourselves, towards and detected by other people, and with our environment. But more about the deep diving world of quantum entanglement theory later…

In my view, any strategy that tries to balance healing in these four areas is being actually holistic. To neglect one or more of these parts of ourselves is to propagate another generation of trauma-ignorant masses. Be part of the solution and get yourself informed!

Identity and Personality Development

At the center of our identity is a sexual part that cannot be extinguished by age. A burning desire to connect with another individual is so strong that supernatural explanations have been offered to account for this phenomenon. Abuse or fuzzy thinking can alter our life lessons from early life or even later trauma and we quit playing the game of life before we really learn how to be successful. The trauma simply overwhelms us. If we are to achieve balance, we must strive to heal in every way: physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

The Multi-Dimensional Path to Healing

Multidimensional archetypes for PTSD

  1. Successful executive with a history of PTSD in remission gains weight, develops obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia. Within a week, nightmares and flashbacks return. Needs: improvement in physical health only.
  2. Child abuse survivor with negative thoughts towards herself. Is confused by how often she misinterprets other people’s behavior based on her past abusive relationships. Needs: to resolve cognitive distortions.
  3. Former alcoholic stays busy with work and family of seven. No time for self-care. He exercises regularly, is educated, connected with his wife and children well, but states that life lacks meaning. Needs: prioritize self care and quite time
  4. Retired Drill Sergeant eats paleo, modified CrossFit® with biking. Has a good career, very intelligent, teaches at his church. Complains of panic attacks. Needs to get gut-level honest with someone about life wounds (therapist, veteran buddies, etc)

By Doctor Dan

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