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The Mental Component will propel your understanding of basic PTSD, positioning you to rewire your brain by finding fun ways to balance the other dimensions: Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual. Membership includes access to all the The Mental Component videos, lecture handouts in PDF format (located above each video where available), and Webinars LIVE with a diverse set of PTSD Academy-trained presenters.

Course Breakdown:

1. The Science of Emotion. Learn the biology of PTSD, stress hormones, and the neuroscience behind recovery from trauma.

2. Blind Rage. Anger and irritability are typically taught as "coping skills", but not here. You will learn about the brain's natural INHIBITION functions and specifically what can be done to lengthen the anger "fuse" from a holistic perspective that blends mainstream medicine.

3. Calming Techniques. Learn many do-it-yourself techniques that have their root in science. Don't worry, you won't learn about blowing on your finger and other pseudoscience - only evidence-based and ancient techniques proven to work.

4. Normal Reactions to Trauma. Normalizing the human experience after a traumatic event is a very powerful antidote for overwhelming shame. The list of "normal" reactions to trauma may surprise you.

5. Moral Injury. Often forgotten about entirely in Western society, moral injury affects the core of understanding of who we are, how humans "should treat each other", and even effects our view on such existential questions about who we really are and why we were put here on earth. In this course, you will learn how to rebuild these core, foundational aspects of the human experience.

6. Christian's Situational Awareness. Learn the tenets of the Christian faith as it relates to how trauma, spiritual warfare, and overcoming power all work together.

7. The Index Trauma. Understand the conceptual framework upon which the diagnosis of PTSD rests. From this basis we will more clearly see exactly how much modern medicine has failed society.

8. Receiving Care. People that wind up with PTSD are often the kindest people on earth. They give, give give - but when it comes to self-care, they are often sorely immature. You will learn to give yourself permission to care for yourself.

9. Coping vs. Growing. Are you tired of hearing about "coping skills"? While they can be helpful, the word coping suggests that you are still merely surviving after trauma and that no real healing is possible. The best you can do is to just deal with it. WRONG! Growing is all about healing and real recovery.

10. Learning to Heal. Leaning in to life's difficult experiences can result in the discovery of a seed of equivalent benefit.

11. Helping Others. The power to truly overcome your painful past is in transmuting the energy surrounding it into a meaningful way to help others.

12. Boosting Your Brain. See how specific healthy activities, and which types of medications, can boost your brain levels of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor - the protein responsible for rebuilding and healing after trauma.

13. Insomnia. It has been said that the hallmark of posttraumatic stress disorder is insomnia. This course covers medications, but even more importantly the sleep hygiene that the pro's use so you can enjoy long-term benefits.

14. Avoidance. It is understandable and often healthy to avoid memories of our painful past. Learn which avoidance techniques are healthy and which one's are not. To receive help for PTSD, you must turn your back on avoidance. Clearly, it's not working. Find out what you can expect when you rip off the band-aid of avoidance.

15. The Fitness Mindset. Forget about exercise and diet. Welcome nutrition and fitness. This program does not focus on what you should eliminate from your diet, but on the nutrition your body needs to thrive and grow. The fitness mindset draws on the military principle that fitness is measured by the amount of energy and function you have left over at the end of a typical day. You need the Fitness Mindset!

The price for membership is $99.00 per Month.

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