Little Blue Circle

The little blue circle at the bottom right of the page is a link to our NEW Circle.So PTSD Academy Community! You can use Single Sign-On for our Teachable Courses and the Community so it’s easy to comment in the community and engage in the coursework seamlessly.

I’m not interested in taking on the mainstream media’s message of PTSD being hopeless. I simply want to give people a safe haven from the barrage of trauma out there to learn healing principles.

A Safe Community Alternative

No trauma stories.

No big tech.

No Google analytics.

No tracking.

No external ads.

Build up the Family Unit

Member guidance warms your welcome, saves time.

Teens welcome.

Built-in accountability challenges to make life change real.

Create your own, private spaces.

Success stories to add good news to your day.

Forum posts hidden from the public.

Our Anti-Establishment Tools

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