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Join live PTSD teleconference events on virtually all topics Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Ask questions, get feedback, and learn your way around the PTSD Academy. Hosted by Dr. Dan from The PTSD Academy Podcast.

How to Participate – free

  1. Join the PTSD Academy email list so you can be sent the teleconference instructions and schedule updates.
  2. Check back here for conference times.
  3. Login or call in to the GoToMeeting from this page 15 minutes early to avoid delays.

 If you miss the teleconference, don’t worry!

They will be video recorded and put on this page for members of any of the paid courses.

Why LIVE Matters

PTSD, also known as “Stress Posttraumatico”, is a commonly misunderstood phenomenon. Many people believe that PTSD is only for military veterans, when more than five times as many civilians have it. What I care even more about you understanding is that there are many MORE people that survive trauma but don’t get PTSD – this doesn’t mean they couldn’t learn a few things about taking care of themselves. These live PTSD teleconferences will certainly change the way you think about all of this – while simultaneously demonstrating the wholehearted connectedness we all crave.

The movies, news outlets, and your neighbors simply don’t get it. Now, you will.

By Doctor Dan

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