Honor the spirit that is YOU
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Episode 15: Meet the Founder of The Jillian Greyse Network which provides a YouTube channel, blog posts, host of The Spirit That Is You Podcast, lectures, classes and books to help everyone find their path to the spirit that is you.

Watch Jillian’s video message to PTSD Academy Podcast listeners!

As an international author, columnist, spiritual counselor and Yogi Jillian has been assisting people of all ages professionally for 20 years to find their spiritual balance and individual life purpose.  She and Marybernadette Williams, from Mary’s Reflexology has been friends the entire time!

Additionally,  she is the creator of AstroloYoga – a unique technique that combines celestial alignments and the earth’s electromagnetic field with physical postures, mantras, breathing techniques, mudras, aromatherapy, gemstones, numerology and meditations to create physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

For more information go to JillianGreyse.com.

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