Float Tubs reduce signs and symptoms of PTSD
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The therapeutic potential of sensory deprivation tanks goes back to at least the 1960’s when modern research journals began to persist in electronic databases.[i]  When you get into the 1990’s-2000’s float tub research shifted its focus to pain and burn-out syndrome (as if they were different). In the 2010’s mental health began to see salt water flooding into their area – only it’s still not taught to the physician psychiatrists that treat mental illness every day.

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Each psychiatrist with a full-time job is supposed to carry 1,000 – 2,000 patients. Because research travels so slowly to the ears that need to really know, I didn’t know this stuff until I was done with training a few years!

You might be asking, what qualifies you to have insight into psychiatrists’ training and the lack of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) approaches. I published a seminal article while I was Co-Chief Resident in psychiatry. Here’s the burnout article here: Doctor Dan from PTSD Academy Podcast was a burnout researcher.

So, I’m a burnout researcher. PTSD is WAY beyond burnout – it’s the exact same EndoCannabinoid System (ECS) in our bodies that gets depleted. It’s a matter of degrees – that’s all. If you haven’t yet listened to the eye-opening podcast on PTSD and the Endocannabinoid Receptor System, I encourage you to listen to episode #012.

Before we get started with today’s expert in all things that float, I want to prime your brains to notice how sensory deprivation tanks can benefit your physical body, spirit, emotions, and thoughts. It can hit all 4 at one time, so we are really setting the bar high for the future modalities we’ll discuss.

Enjoy the interview!

Photos of Float Tub Manufacturing Plant

[i] Adams, H. B. (1964). Therapeutic potentialities of sensory deprivation procedures. International Mental Health Research Newsletter, 6(4), 7-9.

By Doctor Dan

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