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PTSD Academy providesĀ PTSD Resources for Trauma Survivors of all kinds of trauma: car wrecks, crimes, accidents, assaults, rape, and more.

Trauma Survivors

what is your match on the 9-line ptsd test
Trauma Survivors No one likes to think of themselves as a hero. And people suffer from ALL kinds of trauma! From near death experiences, to parents getting divorced dramatically when you were a child. It all hurts - it's impossible to compare pain. Considering all of this, I've arrived at the term "trauma survivors" as…
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PTSD Meaning

PTSD Meaning? It seems like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is in the news every day, but what does it mean? Don't let the PTSD meaning get lost solely in the media's coverage of the military. What does POST mean? Post means "after". So, we're talking about some kind of stress that happens AFTER a trauma.…
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