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Download: Course Catalog 2021-2022

Information herein is subject to change without notice. 

 Updated 8/20/2021.

Courses are online at ptsdacademy.teachable.com


The PTSD Academy Course Catalog is intended to serve as a guide to help you reach your desired goal, and it was prepared from the existing information and policies, current at the time of dissemination. These courses use virtual classrooms with online teleconferences, hence there is no in-classroom portion. Established in 2009, Premedical Solutions, LLC has sought after leaders in the field of clinical practice, education and research to provide current insights into society’s most pressing problems—the physician shortage and now posttraumatic stress.

Courses are taught by professionals that are passionate about improving the lives trauma survivors. The modules are self-paced but there is a test at the end that you must pass in order to receive credit. You only get two attempts to pass the test in order to receive a certificate. The questions are not difficult but emphasize important points necessary to achieve mastery in the subjects. We advise students to listen to the modules in their entirety and take notes prior to taking the quiz at the end of each section. Please let us know in advance of enrollment if you require any special accommodations so that we may let you know if we are able to accommodate the request. Our Courses are not accredited.

The Catalog is intended to serve as a resource to the student body of the institution but does not serve as a contract between The PTSD Academy and any person or entity. It is important to note that to the extent that any of this Catalog conflicts with or is inconsistent with PTSD Academy policies (current or as amended in the future), then Academy policies will control and govern. The content is subject to modification and change at any time in order to accommodate those changes in educational plans, certification credentials, resources, policies, procedures, and administrative, state and federal regulations.

Courses are online at ptsdacademy.teachable.com