Better than audiobooks, the author teaches directly out of his books. It's not a verbatim reading either, he adds many examples in an engaging style that will leave a lasting mark on your understanding of posttraumatic stress.


** indicates book sections that are taught in more detail in the online courses. You will still have to order the physical book from and enroll in the online class separately.


For Trauma Survivors.

** The Warrior Class: Survival Guide to Posttraumatic Stress is intended to be a workbook for trauma survivors for any type of trauma. Five times more civilians have PTSD than military veterans and this book is for the forgotten 17 million that struggle in silence, marginalized and misunderstood by society, and riddled with shame and guilt. Healing is possible. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery from You can start the video series that corresponds with this book immediately when you join the online course version.

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For patients, loved ones and clinicians

For patients, loved ones and clinicians.

The Warrior Class: Caregiver's Guide to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is for survivors themselves, supporters and clinicians that want to know the scientific underpinnings of effective PTSD care. The first five chapters are a robust discussion of the rationale behind the treatment, how it works with specific examples and candid criticism of what's become standard practice in many healthcare settings today.

** The last two chapters of the book contain the actual patient handouts Dr. Daniel Williams implemented at the PTSD Treatment Program at East Texas Medical Center's Behavioral Health Center in Tyler, Texas. This book would beĀ  a great companion to The Warrior Class video course offered for members.

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For veterans and their supporters everywhere.

Combat PTSD in America: Toward a Permanent Solution was Dr. Williams' first ground-breaking work, criticizing current medical treatment of PTSD before it became popular to do so. This book is accessible to veterans, leaders, family members and caregivers. If you want to know yourself better, veteran, then this book is for you. If you want to know how to better help a struggling veteran, this addition to the literature will surely make a lasting impression on your framework of how to think about posttraumatic stress - and the multiple challenges facing our veterans today.

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