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Episode 20: What if you have ADHD and PTSD at the same time? If you can’t scan your environment because of attention deficit, and are hypervigilant from PTSD – anxiety city!

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and PTSD

ADHD occurs up to 36% of the time in combat veterans with PTSD. Do you have PTSD and ADHD? If so, you’ll want to listen in to this episode for sure. Here I discuss the co-association between the two diagnoses.

Hope for PTSD and ADHD

By the time people are far enough along in their PTSD recovery to be addressing attention deficit, they haven’t yet come back in a crisis they couldn’t handle. Why? Because they have the concentration, energy, motivation and physical moveability to overcome whatever new stressors, or grief awaits them. Now that’s hopeful, particularly in a world that tends to focus on only the negative.

By Doctor Dan

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2 thoughts on “ADHD combined with PTSD: Double Trouble”
  1. That is SO frustrating!! What all three of those conditions have in common are a high amount of stress hormones/the sympathetic nervous system is high. I’d recommend body-based approaches because they don’t rely on the cognitive to release the stored up energy behind normal emotions. My wife would do a biofeedback scan if you like? I’d also offer for you to get involved with us here. We’re starting a social community of our own to discuss trauma healing in a safe environment, rated T for teen.

  2. My son who is 13 almost 14 has ADHD and PTSD and I think Dyslexia. He is not doing well. It has been 2.5 years after his trauma and has become filled with rage. He is set off very easily, he has not been in school for almost 2 years. We have sought out help with case managers, Physiatrist and social services and everyone has different opinions about what is going on. He has been on 9 different medication and none work this includes his current med for schizophrenia. We need help but don’t know where to turn and know one seems to know what is really going on or how to help.

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