About Us

Since 2006, Premedical Solutions, LLC has been innovating solutions to prevent illness and improve physician empathy. Daniel M. Williams, M.D., P.A. combined his love for private practice and online mentorship training in 2021.

Our vision is to provide an effective alternative to mainstream treatment for PTSD. To this end, we like to clarify a few beliefs we hold that helped us set up our approach:

  1. Traditional counseling spends too much time and energy talking about the trauma details.
  2. Managing the energy of emotion and finding purpose again usually helps the most.
  3. Medications for PTSD, without any other mental health disorders present, typically focus on sleep.
  4. Enough knowledge about your condition can help wipe away shame.
  5. Small, daily efforts towards a balanced lifestyle are evidence of self-forgiveness and hope.
  6. Consume all of the free stuff first! Watch the podcasts, video courses, and, if you still have questions or need support, then book a 30-minute appointment with Dr. Williams to discuss your specific journey.

To accomplish these ambitious objectives, we put forth two concept videos. The hope is that this community will grow and we can develop more sophisticated tools for our customers:



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