9 Line PTSD Test

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What is the Nine-Line PTSD Test?

The 9-Line PTSD Test assesses the current severity factors of PTSD symptoms. In non-geek terms, there's a vision video at the bottom of this page to demonstrate how this quick survey will help you.

In geek terms, consciousness is always now. Our hypothesis is that the PTSD sufferer bounces between one of nine clinical presentations. See the SAMPLE RESULT in the Graph below from podcast episode #3 (Nine Line PTSD Test:) Where the state of one's Capacity intersects with their Over-reactive outward appearance - has anxiety and personality disorders in it.

SAMPLE-STAPLE Grid from Podcast 3

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By improving the specific conditions in that grid, can catapult their progress faster than many traditional methods. We are currently recruiting research volunteers to study this further.

When you take the 9-Line PTSD Test, the results are stored in Amember membership platform. Your personal data will never be shared or sold to third parties. We will give you feedback on how your answers compare to everyone that fills out the survey.

Becoming Familiar with your Results

After you submit your answers to the 9-Line PTSD Test, you will receive your PDF results available for download, printing, and sharing. Rate your answers yourself and read explanations for all NINE neotypes using the STAPLE Grid - the download explains it all! No worries. Once you understand how the STAPLE Grid works, you can refer to it again and again as life changes in the future!

Listen to the podcast for more info

The Science Behind the Nine Line PTSD Test was explained in a bit more detail back in podcast episode #3.

See our vision

This video artistically shares our grand master plan:

Take the 9-Line PTSD Test right now.