Select your private PTSD membership level with NO trauma stories:


You are worth it.

In it’s essential form, “honor” means to go out of your way to recognize something important. Here at PTSD Academy, we recognize that no matter what level of membership, no matter why you’re interest in PTSD, it is important to us!

Why? Because we too have suffered great trauma and find incredible joy in helping others through the demonstration of healing principles, such as honoring you at every level. The most important way we do this is by telling no trauma stories to offer a counter-culture as an alternative to a sometimes dark world that seems to love to spread the disease.

A much less important way we honor your journey is with the following badges of honor:

Basic Membership

The badge for the Basic Membership level is a granite botanical stone with pestle on a white seal symbolizing the purity of discovering restoration activities. While the color white symbolizes the purity and innocence you had before trauma, it’s dirty appearance represents the stains from yet unhealed wounds. You have had pain and this is the image of the healing ingredients you haven’t found – until now.

The intent behind the Basic Membership is for the someone who has suffered loss or experienced trauma to have a straight forward, emotionally safe way to get better. You’ll find tremendous hope in knowing that there are many options available for you to find relief from many different symptoms of PTSD. Most people new to this message of hope immediately have a conflict: excitement for potential healing, and overwhelm with so much to learn and possibly try out. If that’s you, please watch the Start With Your Strength video to help you integrate PTSD Academy training into your current lifestyle with minimal interruption.

Intermediate Membership

The badge of the Intermediate Membership is the color purple to symbolize the ancient dyes that were expensive and represents that you are an active part our royal family. The dove of peace carries an onyx stone with wisps of pearl to represent the fact that your inner transformation work is being carried on the wings of hope. At first glance, it doesn’t look possible for a bird to carry such a heavy stone.

The intent behind the Intermediate Membership is for someone who has started their recovery journey and bravely tries new things. Courage is required to experiment with new things, but this does not mean there is no fear present. Rather, courage is having fear and taking appropriate action anyway. Therefore, the actions of recovery serve as the roadmap to success and provide a certain amount of confidence over time, not feelings. An over-reliance on feelings when you don’t understand energy medicine and have unhealed trauma is a set up for failure. We invite you to rest in the shared experience that you are not alone.

Advanced Membership

The badge of the Advanced Membership is silver to represent those precious qualities that come only through refinement with high heat. The helmet and shield are forged from malleable bronze, as these are defensive weapons for protection from further attacks.

The intent behind the Advanced Membership is for someone that is trying to help others. For, it is in the process of helping others with your experiences that you’ll feel your own wounds differently. Giving your story a purpose and meaning through service will relieve some of the pain of future wounds, particularly if you will do your emotional release work, energy healing modalities, and adopt the holistic lifestyle management we teach here at PTSD Academy.

Expert Membership

The badge of the Expert Membership is yellow to represent a homemade salve from natural ingredients, used to heal oneself in ancient days. The weapons represent the ability to overcome fear and darkness – to fight back against hate and domination with love and happiness. Together, this is an image of the warrior that helps others and also takes good care of the self.

The intent behind the Expert Membership is for someone who is committed to caring for others as a lifestyle or profession. Many are actual experts in their fields, such as therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners. But the committed caregivers – and those that just want to know it ALL – also fill our ranks.